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Case Study Opportunities!


Case Study Opportunities!

Randi James

 Renstrom is currently looking for doctors who are interested in participating in a case study opportunity! We would like to document different type of cosmetic cases, from start to finish, with step by step procedures as well as photo documentation. This would be a great education and marketing opportunity for your office, to show patients the amount of detail that goes into each individual case. Renstrom would like to start their own library of case studies, to show doctors how different processes are completed, and possibly give them a new understanding of different treatment plans. 

If this is something you might be interested in, please give us a call! Renstrom would do all the documentation and photographs along the way, and all we ask of the doctor is to be flexible with the turnaround time, as it will take us longer to complete the case due to the documentation.  We would also like to work with a patient who would be willing to have a before & after photo taken, to show off the work completed! Once it is complete, we would give you a professional looking, final piece of documentation for you to use, as you wish.  We would then use these case studies to train internally, publish in our newsletter, put on our website, and possibly publish in dental publications. 

Please give Renstrom a call today, if you have a case you might be interested in documenting! You can talk to Rick A or Dr Jeff Benson, to go over the details. (651) 407-0491