Now Offering: Free Portrait Service!

Most dentists would agree that a great way to communicate the value of a proposed treatment plan is to show photos of similar cases you have completed. If this is true, why don’t more dentists have photos of their work available for this purpose? Many of you have shared with me your concerns about using valuable chair time for portraits or that the portraits taken in the dental office might not meet the standard of quality for case presentation or marketing.

At Renstrom Dental Studio, we have heard your concerns and we have a solution. We have set up a portrait studio at the lab so that we can take professional quality portraits of your patients after the completion of their esthetic dental treatment. There are several advantages for the treating dentist: 

·      First, you don’t have to commit chair-time or space in your office for taking the photos.

·      Second, by scheduling the portrait at a time other than the insertion appointment, the patient’s mouth has time to recover from the procedure and the patient has the opportunity to make themselves presentable, just as they would for a regular portrait.

·      Third, our professional equipment and editing experience will result in a quality portrait that will reflect your commitment to quality dentistry.

·      Fourth, you will receive a jpeg file which you can use as you wish for case presentation, print advertising or internet marketing. Many dentists are able to stimulate patient interest in cosmetic dentistry by displaying framed photos of their satisfied patients on their office walls.

Because we believe so strongly in the value of quality images to promote acceptance of esthetic dental treatment, Renstrom will provide this portrait service after completion of our esthetic cases at no charge to you or your patient. That’s right, the digital file of the portrait is FREE to you and we will also provide a digital copy of the file for the patient’s use. All you need to do is call us after you complete your esthetic case and we’ll take care of the rest. You should make your patients aware that they will need to sign both a photography release and a medical (HIPAA) authorization to have their photographs taken at our offices. This will protect us and you from any legal action arising from the use of the photos. Sample copies of the photo release and the HIPAA authorization are attached so that you can acquaint your patients with the forms. You may find it helpful to offer your patients some sort of incentive (if their free photo file isn’t enough) to get them to agree to have their photographs taken. If you use the patient photos, you must make sure that you do not use the patient’s name in conjunction with the photo.

If you have any questions about the details of this offer, please call the lab at 651-407-0491.

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