Looking for Digital Support? Is IT an area to explore?


In an effort to continue our expansion of services to help our clients, we are trying to determine if there would be an opportunity to help you with your information technology needs.   As our manufacturing process evolves into a digital workflow we are seeing a need for an on-site digital specialist to handle our sometimes unique dental manufacturing issues. 

I am guessing that some of our clients are experiencing something similar.  My thought is that if I can find the right person with the right skill sets for I.T. we can get them trained in the dental aspect of this.  Then we could all share a dental specific I.T. solution.  This could also lead to new and better things like better, safer communications between our offices, competent help as we evolve digitally and better system management. 

To do this I would like to talk to any clients who might think they are interested in something like this so we can have a better idea of what we need before we start looking for the right person to get this started.  If you are interested, or have any thoughts, concerns, or input, please feel free to contact Randy at 651-407-0491 or send an email to randy@renstrom.com. Thank You! 

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