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With Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scans, the level of accuracy on placing implants has never been higher. At Renstrom we utilize CoDiagnostix from Dental Wings to review CBCT scans to ensure the highest level of success from both the osseointegration stand point, but also the restorative prosthesis. We also have the capabilities to integrate hard models along with wax up models, allowing us the ultimate level of predictability.

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Improving the quality of restorations is a daily goal for every dental lab and eliminating inaccuracies is the main way to achieve higher levels of quality. The Langner Jet Pin System solves many restoration inaccuracies using advanced technologies. (This system was developed in Germany by Jan Langner and originally introduced to the U.S. market by Crocus Dental Technologies – now Renstrom Dental Studio.) Incorporating this pinning system in the model room can ultimately improve the overall fit and function of a labs crown & bridge work.

Some benefits of using the Jet Pin System include:

  • Jet Pins do not have to be glued, and can be removed from the tooth arch if needed

  • Block Pins guarantee excellent fit and avoid all unessential movements

  • Uniform soft friction over the complete length of the pin

The stability of the die in the working model greatly influences quality. If the die doesn’t seat in the model in exactly the same position every time, inaccuracies occur in the proximal contacts and even in the occlusion. The outstanding characteristic of the system is its increased number of pins as compared to traditional die pin systems – more pins mean more die stability, and more stability means more accuracy!

Each die is stabilized by four pins – one each on the lingual, buccal, mesial, and distal. The two additional interproximal pins ensure a secure fit and prevent any lateral movement of the die. A state-of-the-art dental laser-guided pin drilling system and computerized powder/water ratio control for die stone help this process.

With the Langner Jet Pinning system, a dental lab is able to provide a level of quality in dental restorations that is clearly superior. This unique pinning system allows technicians to fabricate and fit crowns on a stable, more accurate die and model, ensuring consistent and predictable results.

Please see the instruction sheet to get an idea of how the Jet Pin System works, and how it could be beneficial in your dental laboratory!

If you have any questions regarding the use of the system, please Contact Us!

Check out our YouTube page to see informative videos of Jet Pins.

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At Renstrom Dental Studio, we know that you, our dentist-clients, expect your lab work to save time, improve esthetics, function for the long-term, and of course, make patients happy. We offer a wide variety of resources that can help take your cosmetic, restorative, reconstructive, and implant dentistry to the next level. 

We have compiled preparation guides and casework tips to help you achieve your smile makeover goals. These informational pieces outline steps for prepping teeth before they arrive at our laboratory, providing exceptional temporaries to our doctors, preparing proper dental implant impressions, determining better and more accurate shades and more.

Help yourself to these guides, both to make your dentistry better and to benefit your casework with Renstrom Dental Studio. The guides are provided in pdf format for easy printing.

Removable Webinar: How to prescribe highly esthetic partial and complete dentures

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eMax posterior Bonding Protocol-Ryan yakowicz,D.D.S.

Dr. Ryan Yakowicz has developed this protocol for bonding posterior e-Max restorations. It's a great starting point for developing your own protocol. Click here to view the PDF