Doctor and patient testimonials are the highest compliment we can receive as a laboratory.  We strive to make sure both the doctor and patient are extremely satisfied with the outcome, and we love to hear the feedback! Knowing what we do makes a difference to others is what motivates us to do the best work possible.  Thank you to everyone who has given us the positive feedback, we appreciate the quality work you have provided us and the great communication provided between the Doctor and Dental Laboratory!


e.Max Nonlayered #5-11. January 2018

e.Max Nonlayered #5-11. January 2018

An old saying says that a "smile" is worth a million dollars! Since that's obviously so true, then the ability to smile, with confidence, is worth infinitely more. Words can't really express how I feel, but, thank you so much for your gift! The gift of giving me my smile back! My teeth are now perfect and yet look completely natural. Dr Pierce was extremely impressed with the quality of your work and is almost as excited about them as I am. Thank you again, you all will forever have my gratitude.-Jeff Anderson, patient. (Nonlayered e.Max #5-11) January 2018

I have been using Renstrom Dental Studio since 2011.  I have found the quality of their work to be impeccable, well fitting, and beautiful.  More than the mechanics of creating high quality dental restorations, this dental lab truly cares about the dentists and patients they create dental prosthetics for.  The time, care, and attention to detail is incomparable.  From treatment planning large cases, to consulting on esthetics, and designing custom implant prosthetics, this lab will exceed your expectations in every way. - Dr. Ryan Yakowicz, taken from Yelp 7/26/2017

Words cannot express how thankful I am for the beautiful immediate full upper denture Renstrom fabricated for my husband!   The general dentist, oral surgeon, and our families have said how fantastic the denture looked and functioned. Thank you SO very much!! Going through the denture process for him was very scary ....but seeing that beautiful denture in sure put our minds at ease. 
You are truly skilled in your craft!
-Katie M, taken from Yelp 6/27/2017

#6-11 Non Layered E.Max by Dr. Vislisel (8/2016) 

Before & after with another happy patient. Thank you for the great work on this one. It was the first time I have intentionally opened the bite in a fixed case and your lab was a great resource to help provide excellent treatment for my patient. Dr Vislisel, 8/2016 (#6-11 Non Layered E.Max pictured to the right) 

***To the entire staff: You recently made a lower bridge for me. The Doctor asked you to create 3 or 4 front teeth, whichever would fit best. Your lab went to the extra trouble to try both. I am happy to say there are 4, thank you for going the extra step. Pride of workmanship is somewhat lacking in these times. I am so glad you and your lab still show it.  Also, he was very happy you used the gold treatment as that is what he would have done. I am 72 years old, and on a very limited income. When I was younger, my now ex-husband was the one who got the crowns and extra dental work. There never seemed to be money for my needs. I have had Sjogren Syndrome for some time and among other things, my teeth have suffered. I cannot tell you how blessed I feel that there are people and clinics like yours that want to help someone like me. I didn't know what to expect when I went in to have my teeth inserted. They are soooo pretty and fit perfect. This is the first time my teeth have been straight. Thank You! I will forever be grateful to all of you, (a happy Donated Dental Patient) 8/2016***

I appreciate Renstrom and the great work that you do.  I only wish I had switched to you sooner. Thank You! Dr. Hostetler 6/2016

I am writing to express my thanks for the beautiful work you did on the partial Dr Jeff Smith ordered for me through your laboratory. Your work is really a work of art. My partial fits well. I am getting used to inserting and removing it - but it is getting better. You have changed my life. I can smile, chew, and feel better about how I look - Very important to women - no matter how old we are. I will soon by 92, and expect to use my partial as long as I live - because of you and Dr. Jeff and Dental Lifeline, an answer to my prayers. I am grateful for you and what you do for so many people like me. Thank you and God Bless - Irene C., Patient 1/2016

David was sooooo excited not only to have his teeth but to have the little goody bag you prepared for him! He was so happy that he would be able to eat hamburgers, pizza, and sandwiches again! He even made him mom bring him right over to Applebee's for dinner as soon as they left the office. Such a cutie. We wanted to share his photo with you so you could enjoy his big smile as much as we did. That was very sweet and thoughtful. (photo not shown) (Dr. Rosenstein's dental practice)  - And that is why we do, what we do! Thank You!Renstrom Dental 3/2015

Dr D Johnson & the patient. Thank you so much for your kind words! It makes everything we do here worth while! 

Dr D Johnson & the patient. Thank you so much for your kind words! It makes everything we do here worth while! 

Working at Renstrom is a joy. This is the nicest I have ever been treated as an employee - Our wonderful delivery driver Ron! 

You folks are the greatest. It is a pleasure doing business with you - Dr Gates

When I was looking for my thank-you cards to send you a note I found this from my little granddaughter's birthday notes and thought it was perfect (it was a princess thank you card).  I can't say THANK-YOU loud enough or big enough for giving me my SMILE back. Your personal touch of giving me a ride to my cousin David Johnson's office after the color match was so appreciated. The team that matched and designed my teeth are AMAZING :) I felt like a princess when I smiled at my husband when I got home, he saw me just light up. I will gladly travel 1000 miles to see a dentist and a dental lab. You're an amazing bunch of wonderful people and I am forever grateful. Much love from Montana! (August 2014)

As I've said before with no exaggeration; my relationship with Renstrom Dental Studio is the single best thing that has happened in my dental career. Bravo! - Dr. Hugget

**"Wow!! Thank you all for your efforts! The patient is super pleased! Very impressive result in a difficult set of circumstances. This is an example of why I tell my patients that Renstrom Dental Studio is the best thing that ever happened in my career!" Dr. Huggett (October 2013)

I appreciate your open communication and flexibility in early returns. Thanks! Dr Gates

Words are not enough to express my gratitude for my beautiful smile. After 46 years of dental hygiene I have seen all levels of lab work. The quality and work your lab provides is "top of the line". The color, margins (what a challenge), and bite are all perfect! - Satisfied patient

When I switched to Renstrom several years ago, the amount of time I needed to schedule to seat a crown or bridge dropped by 25%. Marginal adaption and contacts are always excellent. - Dr Jurkovich

I just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to all of you who helped with my veneers. They are absolutely perfect and I am so happy with them! I was in town for 10 days from Boston so you guys put a rush on my teeth...thank you so much! I appreciate your time, communication, consideration and overall niceness! You are all great! - Satisfied patient

Hey Renstrom artists...thank you for the birthday wish and THANK YOU for the smile!! I don't know if Dr. Yakowicz and Sara have passed along how happy I am with the new smile. I spent 49 years straight faced so I have been learning how to smile the last few weeks. You all do great work, and I love that I got to actually see so many of the people who made it happen. - Patient of Dr. Yakowicz (January 2014 via facebook)