Renstrom Dental Studio strives to restore most appliances. Currently, our denture department frequently fabricates these items:

  • Basic Retainers
  • Active Plates
  • Soldered Appliances including Expansion Appliances
  • Bionator Appliances
  • Splints
  • Mouth Guards

Along with the restoration and fabrication of these items, utilized in all appliances is a premium super hard spring stainless steel wire to help prevent wire breakage. We also use acrylic and expansion screws that maintain durability and shrinkage. 


The Ivobase Injection System is the fabrication choice primarily used in processing full and partial dentures. Both Hybrid and High Impact acrylics are used due to the impact-resistant properties they contain. The standard for denture teeth are Ivoclar and Vita products but our denture department works with your doctors choice.

Fabrication of partial cast framework is made of Vitallium® 2000 Plus which allows easier chair-side clasp adjustments and a light wight feel for the patient. Duraflex® is also an option for the flexible partial. It's repairable and offers metal-sensitive patients a comfortable appliance. 

Technical Aspects

Renstrom provides individual care to our dentists, if your lab prefers certain technicalities we apply them to a custom Rx suited for your office.

When sending models or impressions, it is extremely important to watch for distortions or missing striations. Our mission is to provide timely, accurate products to our dental offices. If the models or impressions have distortions it can effect the return date of the items requested.

Additional Information

We offer a 1 year warranty of appliances and a 2 year warranty on denture prosthetics. If the appliance becomes damaged for any reason other than patient neglect, it will be repaired or replaced at no charge.