One of the aspects of Renstrom Dental Studio that we pride ourselves in is an outstanding Customer Service. We want to make sure your experience with us exceeds your expectations and that we add value to your dental practice. Here are a few ways in which we try to make your treatment planning the best it can be:

  • Free Pick Up and Delivery within the Twin Cities Metro
  • Free Shipping outside of the Twin Cities Metro
  • Hand Piece Repair - Free Pick Up and Delivery, Streamline paperwork through Renstrom, Quality repairs in a timely manner
  • Custom Shade Consults with the technician working on your patient's case
  • Free Portrait Service: Send your patients to the lab to get a free portrait taken after their esthetic case is complete! You get a great portrait to show off your work, and they get a new portrait to show off their new smile! 
  • Case Study Opportunities Renstrom would like to document and photograph the step by step process of your your cosmetic cases!
  • Lunch & Learn: Bring Renstrom to your office to help learn about topics you want to know more about and lunch is on us! Topic examples are, but not limited, to: Material Selection, Photography, Tooth Preparation, etc. Personalized classes are available.
  • Continuing Education Courses Available at our facility
  • Dentist to Dentist Consult: Dr. Benson is available to meet with dentists one on one to provide accurate and specific care to your office
  • Our Technicians are available during office hours to talk with dentists/offices about the specifics about their patients case and clarify any concerns or questions
  • We are a Full Service Lab to meet all of your needs!
  • Student Internship Program: A program for Pre-Dental or Pre-Dental Technicians. Contact us if you're interested!
  • Personalized Rx: add permanent instructions to your Rx and the specifications that you desire, less writing and a more personalized environment for you and our lab
  • Spear Study Club: Dr Benson runs a Spear Study Club once a month at Renstrom Dental.  It is a great opportunity to workother dental professionals in the area and expand your case treatment knowledge! Click to read about his 2014 Spear Leadership Trip!