From a single central to a full mouth reconstruction, we have the experience at our lab to help you establish the best outcome for your patient.

Following our esthetic checklist, it is extremely important to take photos before beginning the reconstruction process. The photos provide us with information and a vision to help us design the individual treatment plan with the end result in mind.

The pre-operation model is desired to help us study the shape and function of the patient’s natural teeth. If needed, a diagnostic wax-up is prepared making any esthetic changes desired. We pay close attention to the patient’s desires while keeping in mind the natural functions of their occlusion. Our technicians are available for individual consultations to design your patient’s smile. Contact us to set up an appointment.

The next step is to choose the material that fits your patient’s needs. Our Crown & Bridge page has an in depth look at how the materials differ from each other and how to determine what is the best material to use.

After selecting the material, prepare the teeth using our preparation guides on our Technical Tips page or a reduction guide can be made for you.

Once everything is prepared, make sure to provide the lab with photos of the prepped teeth with the stumpf guide alongside.

A stick bite is helpful to determine the correct horizontal plane parallel to interpupillary line.

A bite registration is needed to verify the articulation of the models.

Once provisionals are made, provide a complete set of photos including a full face photo.

A model or impression of the approved provisional’s will help guide us to the desired end result.

Please fill out our detailed Laboratory Prescription to send with your case.