At Renstrom Dental Studio, we restore all of the major implant systems. It is our goal to provide services to match your patients needs. Below is a list of the main implant systems that come through our lab most often:

  • Zimmer
  • 3i
  • Astra
  • Biohorizons
  • Nobel Biocare

If you have a different implant type that you would like to use, please contact us.


It is very important when preparing for an implant case to use the correct  impression tray. Closed tray impressions are used for single implants only. When there are multiple implants, an open tray impression is needed in order to ensure correct angles and congruity.

The Process

After receiving the impression, our lab pours a model that is then scanned into our software. We virtually send the scanned in model and implant to mill out the abutment at the appropriate milling center such as Atlantis or Nobel Biocare etc. The technology we use has the ability to correct angles and when multiple implants are inserted to verify that they are parallel.


Most of our implant cases are made custom to the patient. Our most common insertions are:

  • Titanium
  • Titanium Gold Hue
  • Zirconia

When beginning an implant case, a key part to a superior implant and abutment system is to have effective communication between the restorative dentist, the oral surgeon, and the lab technician. This leaves little room for error and allows the patient to receive a calm, enjoyable experience in their restorative care. Communication also provides us with direct answers and the needs you desire to achieve for your patient. 

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Choosing a Crown

When choosing the crown type for the implant we suggest keeping a few things in mind. If the abutment is made from metal, zirconia or a PFM crown is best to maintain esthetics. e.Max can be used in the posterior as long as there is enough material to mask the metal. For more information on what crown to choose for your patient, click here to see our Crown & Bridge page.

Screw Retained Crowns

Our screw retained crowns are milled from zirconia. We mill these in our lab using our state of the art technology. Our technicians design a custom crown and after the crown is milled out, stained, and sintered, it is cemented to a prefabricated titanium base. This eliminates the need for the doctor to do any cementing in the office. Screw retained crowns are retrievable if needed.

Implant placement is key to determining if a screw retained crown is the best option for your patient. Ideally, in a posterior crown the axis hole should extend out of the center of the crown. For an anterior crown, the goal is to have the axis hole extend out the gingival lingual. Axis holes are difficult to determine their outlet point and, if needed, there are different techniques to hide the axis hole in the case that it is misplaced.

Click here for more info: Screw Retained Crown (Izir)

Digital Design of Screw Retained Crown

Digital Design of Screw Retained Crown