Positioned for Excellence.


For over 40 years Renstrom Dental has carried on a tradition of  excellence by providing the dental industry with comprehensive care and state of  the art dental restorations. We are dedicated to achieving a meticulous standard  of quality that can assure consistent and accurate case results. Our mission is to continually add value to the  dental community through education, innovation, and a high level of communication. We pledge to do this in an environment that encourages professional growth, creativity, and superior customer service. 
Positioned perfectly between the faceless mega labs and the  small shops, Renstrom Dental Studio, Inc., is an advanced, comprehensive dental lab with a personalized focus serving dentists throughout the U.S. Using the latest dental technologies and working closely with our dentists, we achieve exceptional reconstructive, restorative, and esthetic/cosmetic results. We are here to serve you and your dental practice.  Our goal with every case is to get patient referrals for  you. 

Renstrom Dental Studio is built on three generations of dental laboratory experience and a commitment to excellence. You can trust that your work will be done right because it is much more than work to us. We truly enjoy providing excellent dental lab products and results. Our purpose for doing what we do is to not just make high quality dental restorations, but we work together to enhance the lives of others! We do this by making sure we have the highest quality team members working together. We strive to focus on each of our Core Values while working with each other, as well as the doctors and staff we work with.

Renstrom Dental Studio's Core Values:      
1. Honesty
2. Serves the customer above all else
3. Team player with a positive attitude
4. Passion for Excellence
5. A Leader
6. Innovative


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