Rx Connect

Have you thought about going to digital prescriptions, but weren't quite sure where to begin? We know it can be a tough decision, and a bit overwhelming to figure out how to move your office to a digital environment.  Renstrom has teamed up with Rx Connect, to try to help you with this transformation!  Rx Connect takes the place of traditional paper prescriptions as a computer or tablet generated digital prescription. These digital prescriptions allow dentists to electronically transmit the prescriptions to the lab, resulting in error free, perfectly legible, prescriptions! 

Every day we receive prescriptions that are missing a shade, material selection, return date, or even a patient name.  We understand how busy you can get in the office, seeing patients and trying to get all the paperwork filled out and off to the lab. We need to make sure we have all the proper information to complete your case just as you and the patient are expecting.  So we give a call to the dental office to request any missing information.  Each phone call takes time out of your day, that you could be spending with your patients. Rx Connect eliminates those errors and phone calls, requiring  mandatory fields be completed before you are allowed to send out the prescription! That way you can feel confident in knowing the lab has what they need to get the results you are looking for! It also eliminates any errors when interpreting different handwriting styles, so you don't have to worry about whether your writing is legible!

Rx Connect has other functions available as well, including the ability to attach digital files (photos) to the prescription, and is HIPAA-compliant so it can perform independently of email servers. Renstrom is able to offer a few offices a unique opportunity to try Rx Connect for 60 days, free of charge! All that is asked in return, is for 2 short online survey, to help gather feedback to grow Rx Connect into the product you desire! It would be installed in each operatory of your practice, and all users would be trained by Rx Connect technical support. If you choose to continue using Rx Connect after the 60 day trial period, you will be issued a no-charge use license for an additional 4 months (giving you 6 months of free use!). After that 6 month time period, there are different subscription packages that would be available to you, if you choose to continue to work with Rx Connect (starting as low as $79.95/month). We hope you find this to be a pain-free, easy to use, way of getting your practice involved with the Digital Rx world that is heading our way!

Renstrom Dental is registered to begin accepting your Rx's as soon as you wish to sign up! There is absolutely no obligation to use, or to continue to use Rx Connect if you wish to end your trial. We are simply trying to offer a no-risk opportunity to dentists to try to involve themselves in the Digital Rx world. 

If you would like additional information, or a demonstration of the software, please log on to dds-rx.com. The Rx Connect team would be pleased to assist you. Or, you are always welcome to contact Randi, at Renstrom Dental, with any questions or concerns you might have. 



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