Personalized Lunch & Learns

Last week we had the opportunity to go into a doctor's office over the lunch hour to present a Lunch & Learn.  The office had called us up, looking to see if we had a Shade Taking CE Course planned for the future.  They had a new assistant that started in their office, who was unfamiliar with the 3D Shade Guide. Instead of waiting for a course, Dr. Benson, Kris, and Randi picked up some Jimmy Johns and stopped in over their lunch hour, to work with them directly in their own environment.  The main focus was to teach the new assistant how to use the Vita 3D Shade guide.  Dr. Benson has the unique experience of working as a dentist for many years,  and then working as a consultant in the laboratory. He is able to see and understand all the complications that go into each case, including what a Doctor/Assistant might see, and how the technician may interpret that.  Kris is the Ceramics Manager, and works with the shades and shade guides daily.   The two of them are a great resource available to dental offices, and it was an excellent opportunity to teach someone about the shade guides, as well as act as a refresher course to the other members of the dental office.  We started by discussing the 3D shade guides, tips on how to use it and what to look for when taking a shade.  We then moved into an exam room, which allowed us to show how to take a shade, hands on.  Dr. Benson could discuss the lighting in the rooms, and how even the colors of scrubs, or patient napkins, could have an effect on a shade.  Once the lunch hour was up, they could return to their patients with a bit more knowledge, and hopefully more confidence, when working on their shades.  Those shades will help the ceramists at Renstrom to make sure we are delivering the most esthetic case we can, to ensure the patient's happiness.  One little phone call, asking if we had plans for a Shade Taking Course, led to a hands on, in-house lunch & learn!

If there is anything you, or your dental team is looking to learn more about, just give us a call! We can come in and go over different types of materials available to you, shade taking tips, ideal tooth preps, or anything you might be looking for more information on! We can even bring a technician out to discuss an upcoming case or treatment plan that you might have questions on. Maybe you are looking to gain more "social media presence" , we can help you to set up Facebook, Google+, or even a Yelp page! Just give us a call, and we will do our best to help you with whatever it is you are looking for! (And the best part - it's free!)

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